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NIRVANA IN KATHMANDU JAN 2000: (L-R): Ashwini "Ash" Verma (Drums), Indraneel "Neel" Hariharan (Bass), Guest Vocalist Shivani Shah (vocals), Desmond Powell (Guitar), Raja Bhattacharya (Vocals & Keboards).

KUMAR SHANU JAMS WITH NIRVANA: The "high and mighty" Kumar Shanu jammed with Nirvana in Kathmandu on New Year's night Dec 31, 1999.

WHAT - INDIAN MUSIC!!! Nepal is our favorite getaway and we are proud to say that we have visited Nepal more than a dozen times to perform. Along with English pop hits, in Nepal we also showcased current hits from the world of Indipop. We played a large selection of Indian songs, ranging from Hindi to Punjabi to Goan to Bengali pop.

WHAT DO WE NOT PLAY: We do not play Hindi film songs. No Choli ke Peechey or Bicchu Lad Gaya. That is the shaadi byah wala band act.

SO WHAT DO WE PLAY?: Latest Western and Indipop hits. Ricky Martin, Lucky Ali, Vengaboys, Shaan, Mariah Carey, Daler Mehndi, Ace of Base, Nazia Hassan, Police, Shwetty Shetty, Lou Bega, RD Burman kind of remixes, etc. etc. So you know what it is. No cheap Hindi stuff. Only great danceable Indipop.

To haggle over the charges, please call or write to:

Raja Bhattacharya

J-1811 Chittaranjan Park
New Delhi 110019
Tel: 6213045