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These are a few of our un-favorite things:

1. DJs -- We use our voice, our hands and hearts to entertain. And DJs -- they just play CDs. What is this shit about mixing music. Come on, you got two turntables and you keep alternating between them. So, big deal! DJs in India (with a few exceptions) are sad copies of their western counterparts. But despite lacking any artistic skills, most DJs are today flourishing while band musicians are languishing.

2. SAVING ON LIVE MUSIC -- Sorry, but clients too, in their attempt to cut costs, seem to prefer CD operators to flesh and blood bands. They'll give 50,000 bucks to a DJ and will haggle over 30,000 for a live band!!!

3. MONOPOLISTS -- Look I don't want to take names today, but there is this big radio station (thankfully dormant today) that really screwed up the Delhi rock scene. These guys started something called campus rock where bands would be invited to play in Delhi colleges and they would be ill-treated. Most bands would be paid peanuts, but they had no choice. It was either "play or get lost." This radio station had Delhi by its balls. Colleges could not decide which band they wanted for their festivals -- the choice was thrust upon them by the monopolists. To top it all, this radio station appointed a coordinator whose intitials are D.M. who started asking for a cut from the bands. Today this company still exists under a different name, but they have abandoned rock shows. Those were sad Times!!! Today they are forcing the campus to listen to bhangra and Indipop. It is a crime and must be stopped!!!!!

4. INFLUX OF FOREIGN BANDS -- Foreign bands with sequenced (pre-recorded tracks) music and leggy floosies have taken over the hotels in Delhi. They threaten to drive experienced local bands out of business. When asked why these foreign bands are being flown in, a hotel manager reportedly asked: "What is the harm in getting a foreign band if the local ones are below standard?" What does he know about the difference between music played live and that which is sequenced!!!